Garment Care

Arlow Boutique, Garment Care


Love your garments a little more.

We believe there is more to washing your garments than just banishing them into the laundry.

Sometimes airing and spot cleaning can do the job before they hit the wash. Your clothes can last much longer this way, especially for darks, delicates and denim.

 All our garments come with a care label, we request that you wash in cold water and hand wash where instructed as some garments may be delicate.

  • We also advise not to place our garments in a clothes dryer.
  • The use of a wash bag on certain garments, like knitwear, will help to avoid pilling and increase the life of your item.
  • After washing simply turn garments inside out, shake out the creases and pop on a hanger to avoid peg marks or lay flat to dry in a shaded spot to avoid stretching of knitwear.

 Follow these care instructions and your garments will love you much longer.